#Helicopter mission

The mission of medical helicopters mission as stated is to save lives. Is this really happening? Controversy exists in civilian helicopter medevac.   Years ago it was estimated that 250 strategically placed https://experience.tripster.ru/experience/Moscow/17149-na-korablike/ helicopter services could serve the needs of the country. Today, there are about 850 now in existence.  When Medicare started to pay for helicopter transport, helicopter medevac exploded as hospitals got into the helicopter business.   Today we see escalating healthcare costs.  When one considers the actual number of victims who are appropriately served, one has to ask: Are there too many helicopters out there?   Certainly there are injuries that do not justify helicopter transport and could just as well be served by ambulance.   In an urban setting, ambulances can more than likely serve the needs of those injured quickly.   There are times when it is difficult for a helicopter to land safely in a timely manner because the risks involved.   Rural areas with lower population density and poor roads claim more lives.  Bryan Bledso, of the University of Nevada School of Medicine who has participated in an expert study of Trooper 2’s crash said, “Helicopters fly medically unnecessary flights every day.”