Are #medical #helicopters cost effective

Studies have been done to evaluate whether or not helicopters are cost effective and are really out there saving lives.  In effect,  money  hospitals lose in the helicopter business results in higher costs for красивые места в Тбилиси other services that will then be passed on to insurance companies or patients.   In fact, there are studies that show patients transported were inappropriate because they were not true trauma cases.   Many were discharged from the emergency department and not hospitalized.   Studies in other countries are revealing similar scenarios.

Given all the recent social political events hitting on us daily, some may be pacing and wonder what’s next.  Healthcare and its cost is definitely on the radar.  Trump has flipped from one position to the opposite on a variety of things.  Social Security and Medicare could potentially be cut by Congress.  When Medicare decided it would pay for helicopter medevac, many hospitals jumped on the bandwagon to fly.  If cuts are made to Medicare, how will helicopter medevac fair?  Already the industry must be struggling with issues of survival because of high insurance premiums, lawsuits and accidents.

Think about it; are helicopters really cost effective?