Liquid Hope

For years I struggled difficulty swallowing. After consulting a GI it was suggested that I have a feeding tube. I was told “you can do this and get on with your life.” It wasn’t the life I wanted so I decided to try acupuncture. I had been throwing up repeatedly and getting dehydrated. No one could tell me how to overcome this. My thought was there is one man on the planet who might help. That man was Kharta Purta Singh. I got on the internet and found him in Oregon. I did a telephone consultation with him and he told me which herbs to purchase. I did and the throwing up ceased. Amazing! I started acupuncture and managed to eat for about eight years. This was an expensive route to take, because insurance does not cover this type of treatment. It worked up until about a year ago when I began having severe choking episodes, blurred vision, elevated blood pressure etc. I had to succumb to having a feeding tube. As it turned out, I starved for about six weeks waiting for surgery. Feeding tube in and more hurdles to jump. I had to prove I needed real food as my body would not tolerate the formulas that are promoted by Western medicine and suppliers are willing to provide because they are profit makers. Finally proved I needed real food. Someone was willing to be a supplier until recently when they decided it was not profitable and took up warehouse space. Even having REALFOOD, it was not working for me because the food would back up into my esophagus— more choking. All of this meant I would have to be tested for motility. Finally got the motility test which demonstrated I had severe acid reflux and could benefit from another surgery. The doc involved took off to Hawaii for a vacation failing to make the referral. Finally got the referral. Wait for an appointment, then wait for a date when the surgery could be done. More starving. What a dreadful journey. When I hear someone say, “I’m starved.” I can only reflect — you don’t know what you’re talking about.

There is a positive in all of this and that is the discovery of Liquid Hope, a vegan certified organic product. This company was started by a woman whose father had a swallow problem. It is good to discover people who are guided to do good in the world by providing real nutrition. It’s not all about the money. For anyone out there with this dilemma, there is Liquid Hope.

One thought on “Liquid Hope

  1. Robin Gentry McGee

    Opal, thank you for the shout and the great blog.Hopefully you’ve been able to receive coverage and consistent supply of Liquid Hope and if not, pls let us know, we have been able to identify providers in these hard to navigate competitive bid areas that actually have patient over profit model as a core mission, thankfully!
    Respectfully~Robin Gentry McGee
    Founder CEO Nutritional Medicinals LLC


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