Calling all screenplay wannabes

Hi, out there!  I have the feeling there are those of you out there who have had experiences that you felt were a great story.  Maybe you even started those stories and let them drift away.  I’ve done that.  My story:  A Higher Power floated in the ether until I was brought down with physical difficulties and had to find some way to put meaning in my life.  Along the way I discovered some great resources that might help you take up the challenge.  If it’s screenwriting that haunts you, check out John Truby Anatomy of Story and his BlockBuster software.  Writers Store has just about anything you want.  Michael Wiese Productions has all kinds of screenwriting books.  Two of my favorite are The Story Solution and The Coffee Break Screenwriter.  Pilar Alessandra has a system where you develop and write your story in 10 minute snatches of time.  She asks you a question and you answer — it’s more fun than a cross word puzzle.  Check it out and have fun.  Check out

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