A Higher Power

The screenplay:  A Higher Power is a finalist in the Moondance International Film Festival

Script Title: A Higher Power   Genre: Drama

Logline :   Rookie flight nurse obsessed with saving lives  risks everything to expose  corrupt doctors who cash  in on https://experience.tripster.ru/experience/Yerevan/sights/ the critically injured.

A Higher Power is in the vein of Emergency, but is set in the highly competitive medical arena of civilian helicopter medevac.   Havana, a community hospital launches, The Odyssey to increase its sphere of influence and solve its financial woes.

Candice, a middle age married woman with a self-actualizing young daughter, changes career from Ph.D. Psychologist to flight nurse. A rookie, haunted by a flawed decision in her past, she becomes obsessed with saving lives.

Complications arise when she has difficulty fitting into what she sees as a flawed EMS system. In this life and death arena, she fights to make the public aware of the hospital’s inability  to serve  the critically injured.  The hospital administrator  declares, “We’re not doing anything illegal; we’re providing a community service.”

Behind the scenes the hospital administrator and comptroller are embezzling the hospital’s money.

When Candice’s daughter, Tammie and friends are driving in the mountains they have an accident and are picked up by The Odyssey and taken to Havana . . .

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