Curbing #violence

The ongoing violence resulting in devastating loss of life goes on day after day without any thought as to how we have arrived where we are. We call out the police and paramedics to intervene. Next, the media show up in droves and then the politicians tune in with their rhetoric on gun control. Does anyone ever stop to think how thought creates form? Everything manmade has evolved out of thought. We as humans are thinking and unthinking creatures. We ignore the large corporations that are creating games that feed the minds of our young with activity of killing and blowing up things. They now have kits to build objects of destruction as a pass time. How many of you are guilty of buying these things for your children as entertainment and watch them spend hours engaging in such activity.   Keeps them busy and out of your hair!  Where is this activity leading them?   I think to accept violence and quite possibly engage in it. People seek to control things, but fail to control their negative thoughts. What about a more creative and positive approach to life?

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